Going veggie at Milgi

As mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been trying to eat more vegetarian and vegan meals recently. This is for health benefits and I generally want to have less meat in my diet. I’m beginning to realise that you really don’t need to have meat in every meal in order for it to be enjoyable and in fact, some vegetarian meals I’ve been having lately have been better than those that include meat. As I’ve been trying to be more meat free, now seemed to be the perfect time to visit renowned Cardiff vegetarian and vegan restaurant, Milgi.

Milgi Cardiff

Based on City Road, Milgi sees hundreds of visitors a week and even as we were sat at our table, the phone was constantly ringing with Cardiffians hoping to get a booking at the popular restaurant. Until now, I had no idea how truly popular the vegetarian and vegan community was in Cardiff but after sitting in the restaurant for a few hours, I managed to get a glimpse of how prominent this lifestyle is becoming. Or at least, how many people are willing to try the food.

Milgi Cardiff

I visited with my boyfriend and we were quickly seated, despite being slightly early for our reservation. Of course, the first thing we noticed was the overall ambience of the restaurant. It had a cosy vibe, with cushions placed in the lounge area at the front where customers can get comfortable and have a few drinks. Then as you moved further back into the restaurant, it had a slight foreign cafe vibe to it which was very welcoming.

When we were offered the chance to order drinks, I was immediately drawn to the raspberry lemonade. I completely adore most raspberry flavoured things and lemonade is the only sort of soda drink that’ll have (without alcohol in anyway). When it arrived, there were pieces of fresh raspberry in my drink which was such a nice touch! Of course, the fact that the whole drink tasted delicious made the whole thing even better.

MIlgi raspberry lemonade

For my main course, I ordered vegan meatballs. It tasted like the meatballs were made out of chickpeas and there were noticeable pieces of spring onion involved. The meatballs were served with lentil bolognese, herby quinoa and cashew cheese sauce. As you can tell from the photo, this was a giant pile of food that took me a little while to work through. But it was a very tasty meal and was warming which was particularly perfect for the cold winter months.

Milgi Cardiffimg_0308

My boyfriend on the other hand went for something completely different. He decided to opt for the very popular pipes beer battered haloumi which was served with Triple Cooked hand cut maris piper chips, tomato relish and minted garden peas. This was laid out like fish and chips would usually be seen in a pub and it looked fantastic. I did have a cheeky try of his food and the chips were some of the best that I have ever tasted in a restaurant. If you know me, you’ll know this is a very high accolade because chips are my absolute favourite. Just look at how cool this looks.

Milgi battered haloumi

Despite my main course being a very big plate, I was determined to have a dessert. This was because as soon as we sat down, I had my eye on the banana and apple crumble. Just thinking about this dessert makes my mouth water but it tasted better than you’d imagine. It was warm, sweet and had a very clear coconut taste which was surprising but delicious. And it wasn’t too small a portion either.

Milgi banana and apple crumble

Overall, I absolutely loved my visit to Milgi. Not only was it a great night out with a lovely atmosphere but it was also great to visit a restaurant completely dedicated to vegetarian and vegan food. The food is clearly fresh and the staff seem to genuinely care about the restaurant which is always lovely to see. I think it was also great to see the variation of food that you can create purely from plant-based food and it can give you ideas for food that you could make at home. This restaurant is perfect evidence of the variation of places we have on offer in Cardiff and I think we’re really lucky to have so many options for great places to eat. See you again soon, Milgi.


  1. Yay for vegetarian and vegan food! This place sounds amazing and looks so cosy, like you said 🙂 I wish more people realised that you don’t need meat that often (or at all!) so it’s really nice to read about someone appreciating vegetarian food! That raspberry lemonade sounds so dreamy as well! And you look gorgeous as always ☺️ xxx

    1. I’ve also nominated you for an award, which you can find here http://www.millieonhearts.com/the-blogger-recognition-award/ ☺️💗 xx

    2. Thank you! I’ve realised how much better vegetarian food can be so I’ve been really trying to have more of them. This is a great place so if you ever go to Cardiff, you should pay them a visit. Thanks for another lovely comment xxxx

  2. I keep hearing great things about Milgi. It has to be said, I’m not the biggest veggie fan, but I’d love to try them out – the food sounds the lovely 🙂

    1. You give them a try! I really highly recommend them after my visit x

  3. CiaraTone · · Reply

    I’m also veggie:) The food looked amazing! Whats your favourite veggie dish so far.I’ve also had veggie meatballs before & they tasted so good!

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